About Us

10,000 volunteers helping small businesses across America succeed

The national SCORE Association is a not-for-profit organization with over 300 chapters and more than 10,000 volunteer mentors throughout the United States.

SCORE is a resource partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA). You can find information about the national organization and a wealth of tools, templates and educational resources at www.score.org.

SCORE Maine’s 121 mentors provide FREE services at numerous locations across the state with more than 3,100 clients counseled in 2017.  SCORE helped create 578 jobs in Maine and assisted 386 Maine new businesses started in 2017.
We offer free and low-cost business education workshops on a wide range of topics, from planning and financing to website and social media marketing. In 2017 there were over 169 SCORE workshops offered in the Maine with nearly 3,200 attendees. Check the web site of the SCORE office nearest you for details on programs in your area.
SCORE mentors can advise emerging and existing small business clients about financial matters such as cash flow management, achieving a healthy balance sheet, improving the bottom line and arranging financing. SCORE also advises on business planning, marketing and numerous other areas of importance to a successful small business. Select the site of the SCORE office nearest you to request FREE confidential mentoring assistance.

SCORE Maine’s volunteers

  • Come from a variety of business backgrounds and live in communities all over Maine
  • Are experienced business executives and entrepreneurs who volunteer their time to help others start and grow their businesses
  • Can draw on the expertise of other SCORE Maine mentors, or reach out to the more than 10,000 SCORE mentors nationally
  • Collaborate with other small business service providers in Maine to assist you
  • Have completed SCORE’s mentoring certification process

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