Agenda – TPI


  • 7:45 AM - 8:00 AM

    Opening Announcements & Remarks

    Rick Nadeau
    SCORE Maine
  • 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM

    Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Due Diligence Updates

    Overview of the expanded Internal Revenue Code Section 6695(g) due diligence requirements for paid tax return preparers, and a recap of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act as it relates to: The Child Tax Credit/Additional Child Tax Credit, or CTC/ACTC; Credit for Other Dependents, known as ODC and Head of Household, filing status. Shawn will also discuss with you the social security number and citizenship requirements for each credit—as well as the rules for head of household filing status. In addition, he will share with you one of the best resources IRS offers to assist tax professionals… the Tax Preparer Toolkit!

    Shawn Savage
  • 8:55 AM - 9:45 AM

    TCJA & Section 199A Refresher and Updates under the CARES Act

    The presentation will have a brief overview of the changes made under the TCJA passed in 2018. We’ll cover Section 199A and in particular its relevance in the real estate industry. Finally, we’ll cover how the CARES act has made changes to the TCJA and what to look for in 2021 when preparing returns.

    Justin Freeman
  • 9:45 AM - 9:55 AM


  • 9:55 AM - 10:45 AM

    MRS 2020 Income Tax Updates

    MRS will provide and overview of legislative updates to Maine tax law.

    Jeffrey Bragdon
    Maine Revenue Service
    Bryan Lumbra
    Maine Revenue Service
  • 10:50 AM - 11:40 AM

    Entity Selection

    Katelynn Ronan
    Rudman Winchell
    Justin Freeman
  • 12:40 PM - 1:40 PM

    Tax Preparer Ethics 2020

    An update on tax preparer ethics for 2020, including a review of IRS areas of special interest and an analysis of practical ethical dilemmas.

    D. Kelley Young
    Troubh Heisler
  • 1:45 PM - 2:35 PM

    COVID-19 and Related 2020 Tax Legislation


    Sarah Newell
    Eaton Peabody
    Justin Freeman
  • 2:45 PM - 3:35 PM

    Estate Planning Under the SECURE Act

    Parke Burmeister
    Drummond Woodsum
  • 3:40 PM - 4:30 PM

    Tax Research

    Justin Coffin
    UBS - Rockland Financial Group


Maine Tax Workshops Advisory Team

We greatly appreciate the assistance of the Maine Tax Workshops Advisory Team in planning this agenda. Their experience with the chosen topics was a great resource for the SCORE planning team.

Larry Campbell, CPA
Justin Coffin, Financial Advisor – UBS Rockland Financial Group
Daniel Doiron, CPA,CVA, Principal – Albin Randall & Bennett
Jeff Hiatt, Director of New Business Development, MS Consultants
Annette Lease – Machias Savings Bank
Heather Popadak, Director of Income & Estate Tax Division – Maine Revenue Services
Susan Rogers, Esq. – Potomac Law Group
Michael Santo, CPA, MBA, MST – WIPFLi Macpage
Shawn Savage, Senior Stakeholder Liaison, IRS
Christopher Stevenson, Esq. – Drummond Woodsum
Nelson Toner, Esq., Shareholder – Bernstein Shur Sawyer & Nelson
Timothy Woodhouse, JD, CPA – Aries Wealth Management

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